Why move to our cloud based phone system?

Is it time for an upgrade to your traditional Phone Service? Welcome to the new Voip technology solution that is still growing and has multiple redundancies to meet your communications needs.

Welcome to the most affordable phone service available. Our phones will work anywhere there is an internet connection! And with so many bells and whistles we don’t know where to begin, but here is a start!

  • Our phone service starts at just $30.00 a month with unlimited inbound and outbound calling.
  • Our phones and phone service can be transported to anywhere there is an internet connection and it will work. Visiting another state, take your phone with you!
  • Our phone system works with a FREE APP that will work on your mobile device.
  • Never miss a call, as our system will send your incoming calls to a variety of devices based on your needs Simultaneously!
  • There are NO CONTRACTS! This phone service is based on a month to month with recurring billing and can be ended with no hard feelings!
  • You can choose a phone number in any state and most cities and furthermore you can keep your existing number that you have had for years!
  • Our phone system comes packed with many basic features like real music, tell us your genre and we will set it up for you. No more elevator music! Unless you like elevator music!
  • Our system does not require monthly rental fees like our competitors, Once you purchase the phone or ATA device you are good to go. Our Phones are like a computer all in 1, we set the provisioning to your specs and either ship it to you or deliver it to your location depending on your location.

Support is always FREE If something is not answered here, if you have more questions or just want to chat with us. Remember, support is free for all, so don’t hesitate to ask your questions. Your phones will be pre-provisioned and ready to go it’s as simple as plug and and play into your internet connection.

Most of our phones are POE technology ( Power Over Ethernet ) Please let us know if you have a POE Switch at your location.